Alexa Lauren Tolsma

2008 - 2020

About Us

Welcome to our online girly shop!  God is in this story for sure!  If you would of told me a couple of years ago when we lost our sweet niece Alexa Lauren, that I would start a store in her memory I wouldn't of believed it!  If you've ever lost someone you dearly love you know the hurt your heart and mind goes through, but then you totally turn all those hurts into wonderful memories of that sweetness you lost.  You now start trying to shine on others because of those memories!  Our shop is hoping to help girly's shine their light bright through our clothing and accessories, just like Alexa did in her hard days. (can you tell she was amazing!?!  she was!!)   

So thankful for my two daughters who own Hey Girlfriend Boutique, and showed me the ropes!

We are here also to help those busy, working, tired, mommas and others to make their shopping experience easy and giving them there precious time with their family, because let's all admit - time goes fast!!  You never know what tomorrow holds, so continue to hug your littles and telling them they are amazing and are created by the King to be a bright light everyday!!

Keep shining girly's!!